The Barangay Officials of Barangay Alvañiz warmly welcomed our Municipal Officials led by Hon. Mayor Evohn Nee Baldestamon which was represented by our ever dedicated Hon. Vice Mayor Johnnyflores Bacongallo to the turn-over of the newly-constructed Multi Purpose Center at Barangay Alvañiz together with Hon. Thomas Bacaoco, Hon. Jeany Servillon, Hon. Gemma Cepeda, Hon. Carmelo Otico, Hon. Gregorio Gumawa, Hon. William Solis and Hon. Renato Pan.

The said Multi-Purpose Center at Barangay Alvañiz (which is one of the upland Barangays of Patnongon) was given priority to be established as it can be a very beneficial venue to conduct Barangay occasions, sports activities, important meetings, evacuation area incase of emergency and other Barangay related activities.

Construction of Multi Purpose Center at Barangay Alvañiz

Amount: P2,500,000.00

Source of Funds: 20% MDF CY-2021

The LGU Patnongon led by the Baldestamon-Bacongallo Administration continue its pledge to give the Patnonganons a well develop, community friendly and progressive municipality that we deserve.

Good Governance • Transparency • Progress