Last September 7, 2023, Engineers Edwin Yap and Phrea Ann Kryzyll Camasis with Ms. Louwelyn Joyce Aldep from the DILG Region VI inspected the project that was funded through the 2022 Seal of Good Local Governance Incentive Fund (SGLG-IF).

Together with our Municipal Engineer Robert Talidong and Engr. Peijey Patricio, the team went to the downstream of the Patnongon Bridge to check on the construction of the River Flood Control along the Patnongon River. Our LGU was made eligible of the SGLG-IF because we were able to bag the 2022 Seal of Good Local Governance for the performance period of 2021. This is one of the greatest legacies that Former Mayor Evohn Nee B. Baldestamon had left us -the prestige of being one of the SGLG Awardees and this project funded through the incentive from gaining the Seal.

The 5 Million worth of SGLG-IF given to our LGU is spent on the construction of this river flood control as it supports disaster preparedness which is one of the areas where the fund can be used. DILG with our Engineering Office will continue monitoring this project until it will officially be completed.