History of Patnongon

Historical Background Patnongon grew out of the various settlements which emerged and fused into one, long before the arrival of the Spaniards. Its early settlers were the Maghats and the first settlement was in Catuayan. These settlers were a little bit cultured than the Aetas. They found Catuayan an ideal place to settle because food continue reading : History of Patnongon

Tourist Attraction in Patnongon

Patnongon antique tourist spot – Moving around all night to help your latest venues usually always has been remarkable together with, a little bit, mind-boggling. First-time people, especially, might be likewise seriously affected considering the unique and then the attractiveness of all the vacation spots of which they do not know where you should start.


Udyakan Festival sa Patnongon Udyakan Festival is celebrated at Patnongon, Antique during the last Monday of the month of February. The people are gathering together to witness the promising events like the Mardi Gras competition, the Street Dance Competition, Fire Dance Competition, Parada kang  Karusa Competition, etc. This event also includes the showcasing of the continue reading : UDYAKAN FESTIVAL