As provided for in the Local Government Code, each local official, whether elected or appointed, shall have his or her specific powers, functions and duties.

The Municipal Mayor, being the highest and local executive, shall “exercise general supervision and control over all programs, projects, services, and activities of the municipal government; enforce all laws and ordinances relative to the governance of the municipality; initiate and maximize the generation of resources and revenues and apply the same to the implementation of development plans, program objectives and priorities.” The Municipal Mayor can also veto ordinances passed by the Sangguniang Bayan if he deems it prejudicial to the Welfare of the municipality.

            The legislative arm of the municipality, the Sangguniang Bayan (SB), is composed of the Vice- Mayor as its presiding officer and the regular Sangguniang Bayan members, the president of the municipal chapter of the Liga ng mga Barangay, the president of the Pambansang Pederasyon ng mga Sangguniang Kabataan as its members.

            As per R.A. 7160, they shall approve ordinances and pass resolutions necessary for an efficient and effective local governance; generate and maximize the use of resources and revenue for the development plans, program objectives and priorities of the municipality, including the adoption of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan; grant franchises, enact ordinances authorizing the issuance of permits or licenses and levying of taxes, fees and charges: and regulate activities relative to the use of land, buildings and levying of taxes, fees and charges; and regulate activities relative to the use of land, buildings and structures within the municipality.

            In addition thereto, the Vice- Mayor shall appoint all officials and employees of the Sangguniang Bayan, “sign all warrants drawn on the municipal treasury for all expenditure appropriate for the operation of the Sangguniang Bayan” (R.A. 7160), and may assume the Office of the Municipal Mayor in cases of temporary or permanent vacancies.

            The Secretary to the Sangguniang shall “keep the seal of the local government unit; forward to the Mayor copies of ordinances passed by the Sangguniang Bayan; translate into the language used by the majority of the inhabitants all ordinances and resolutions; and take custody of the local archives and library” (R.A.7160).

            The Municipal Treasurer, to be appointed by the Secretary of Finance, shall act as adviser to the Mayor regarding the public finance; disburse all municipal funds entrusted to him; inspect private, commercial and industrial establishments for taxing purposes; and maintain and update the information system of the municipality in compliance with the Local Government Code. The Assistant Municipal Treasurer, to be appointed likewise by the Finance Secretary, shall “assist the Treasurer and perform such duties as the latter may assign to him.”(R.A. 7160)

            The Municipal Assessor shall ensure that all laws and policies governing the appraisal and assessment of real properties for taxation purposes are properly executed; establish a system of real property assessment, identification and accounting; conduct frequent physical surveys to verify and determine whether all real properties within the municipality are properly listed in the assessment rolls and such other functions as may be prescribed to him by R.A. 7160 or any other law.

            The Municipal Budget Officer of the municipality is required by law to “prepare forms, orders and circulars embodying instruction on budgetary and appropriations matters; assist the Mayor in the preparation of the budget during the budget hearings; submit periodic reports to the Department of Budget and Management; coordinate with the Municipal Treasurer, Municipal Accountant and Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator for the purpose of budgeting.”(R.A. 7160)

            The Planning and Development Coordinator shall formulate integrated economic, social, physical and other developmental plans and policies for consideration of the local government development council; conduct continuing studies, researches and training programs necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation; promote people participation in development in development planning within the municipality and such other functions as may be prescribed to him by R.A. 7160 and other laws.

            The Municipal Engineer shall initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and public works in general; provide engineering services to the municipality, including investigation and survey, engineering designs, feasibility studies and project management in accordance with R.A.7160.

The Municipal Health Officer shall take charge of the office on health services; supervise the personnel and staff of said office, formulated program implementation guidelines and rules and regulations for the operation of the said office for approval of the Mayor in order to assist him in the efficient, effective and economical implementation of health of health related projects and activities.”(R.A. 7160) In addition, he shall coordinate with other government agencies and non-government organizations involved in the promotion of health services.

The Municipal Agriculturist shall think of plans and measures relative to the delivery of basic services for agriculture and shall advise the Mayor and Sangguniang Bayan on all agriculture related matters.

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer shall ”formulate measures for the approval of the Sangguniang Bayan and provide technical assistance and support to the Mayor in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to social welfare and development services.”(R.A.7160) Further, he shall generate measures and implement the same to alleviate the needs of the needy, disadvantaged and the impoverished.

The Municipal Economic Enterprise Development Office  (MEEDO)

1. Develops plans and programs and strategies relative to market administration.

2.  Renders monthly reports to the Municipal Mayor relative to market operation.               

3.  Maintains health and sanitation, peace and order and other problems in the 

4.  Supervises the total operation of the public market.

5. Supervises over all personnel, detailed Revenue Collection Personnel in the office.    

6.  Performs such other duties and functions that maybe delegated from time to time.

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources (MENRO)

  1. Formulate measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to environment and natural resources;
  2. Coordinate with government agencies and non-government organizations and other concerned agencies relative to the conduct and operation of the Office;
  3. Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates office and field activities and operation of the municipality;
  4. Executes and implements environmental policies, rules and regulations, work programs and plans;
  5. Implements comprehensive solid waste management, reforestation projects, actively participate in the clean and green program, monitor illegal logging, supervise quarry activities and enforce local revenue raising.