They say, ‘Good things come in twos” that is why the LGU of Patnongon is aiming for its 2nd Seal of Good Local Governance for the year 2023. It must be recalled that the LGU has undergone the Regional Assessment this June and we have high hopes that the outcome for this year’s National Validation is as remarkable as last year’s validation.

Our Municipal Mayor, Hon. Johnnyflores S. Bacongallo, with our Vice Mayor, Hon. Thomas Bacaoco with the members of the Sangguniang Bayan as well as the department heads and other concerned agencies spent grueling yet fulfilling months of preparation for this National Validation that took place on September 28, 2023. Guided by our persevering MLGOO, Mrs. Janeth Norella with the assistance of the LGU-SGLG Focal Person, Mrs. May Panizales and the staff of the DILG Office in our Municipality, we have finally arrived at the much awaited day of the 2023 SGLG National Validation.

This year’s National Validation is a tad challenging because aside from the Site Inspection and Document Review, each representative in the 10 governance areas where the LGU is being assessed was interviewed by the very insightful and meticulous National Validator from DILG Region III, Ma’am Lerrie Hernandez, the LGMED (Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Division) Chief. While Ma’am Lerrie scrutinized each governance area, Ma’am Fatima Lalu, LGOO V (Local Government Operations Officer) of DILG Region III conducted onsite inspections in several facilities in our locality such as the Materials Recovery Facility in Brgy. Mabasa, the VAWC Desk in Brgy. Poblacion, the Municipal Evacuation Center in Brgy. Padang, and a lot more. Ma’am Lalu checked every facility and interview the person-in-charge regarding the features or services of every site.

After the critical phases of the validation, Ma’am Lerrie provided her feedback and findings to the Officials and functionaries of LGU Patnongon, and in summary, the national validators congratulated us in advance as they will be recommending the Municipality of Patnongon as a potential passer for a conferment of the 2023 Seal of Good Local Governance! All the hard work has surely paid off. Call it fate when ma’am Lerrie reminded Vice Mayor Tom that she and Ma’am Fatima were the ones who assisted them during the awarding of the 2022 SGLG at the Manila Hotel. It may have been a sign that they will meet again, and that meeting was coincidentally this year’s National Validation.

The LGU of Patnongon expresses appreciation to DILG Antique, headed by Mr. John Ace Azarcon, CSEE, the Provicial Director with LGOO V Jessana Carmela Tatoy, the SGLG Provincial Focal Person and LGOO VI Darrelle Thea Abad, Program Manager.

The Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG), being a progressive assessment system that gives distinction to remarkable local government performance across several areas, highlights integrity and good performance to institutionalize local governance reforms in the continuing pursuit for meaningful local autonomy and development.